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Wish you could get more clients at more affordable rates?

Look, we get it. You have worked your butt off to get where you are in your business if only
you could get more clients. You agonise over which publication to push an advert into,
spend hours on social media in an attempt to keep growing your business – all
the while watching others in your industry rise in popularity.

how it works

Our 5 step system to helping you sell your service
  • STEP 1: Discover

    Together we identify who you are, who your ideal clients are, why your company exists, what you believe in and why clients should care, turning this into a living breathing ethos for your brand.

  • STEP 2: Create

    Our team of marketers outline and then create the content and supporting technology for each stage of your Professional Services Marketing Roadmap. Your mission statement, values and sales copy starts to populate across all outward-facing avenues.

  • STEP 3: Launch

    Your Professional Services Marketing Roadmap goes live, generating leads from day one. Your flagship customers are identified and an advocacy program is built out, encouraging active brand promotion.

  • STEP 4: Optimise

    The data is analysed using our custom data dashboards and optimise the Professional Services Marketing Roadmap, improving conversions at each stage of the journey.

  • STEP 5: Scale

    With the Professional Services Marketing Roadmap generating leads and sales, together we scale the campaigns, add new entry points, and go back to Step 2 to create additional Roadmaps for your practice.

The Old Way

The New Way

Personal Brands

…love us because we analyse existing data and create scalable marketing strategies that further increase their brand

Startup Businesses

…love us because we implement marketing strategies that help them to stand out from the (better known) crowd

Professional Practices

… love us because we know it takes blood sweat and sometimes tears to have earned your degree.

why choose av digital as
your marketing
Every single one of our staff members is not only experienced in their specific niche, but they are also trained by one of the best in the industry.
  • Every staff member attends regular training to ensure we remain at the forefront of our industry.
  • Because our staff has the need and hunger to be the best, we continuously develop ourselves to serve our clients better.
  • We use the same skills, expertise and care to grow your business that we use to grow ours.

prefer testing out services before you buy?

No problem! We’ll help you schedule 7 days worth of Social media posts for free!