Fundraise for Nonprofits & Charities with Instagram Live Donations

Starting yesterday, Instagram Live Donations will make fundraising for charities and nonprofits a cinch!

Now when you host an Instagram Live, you can choose from hundreds of nonprofits to host a fundraiser for, with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity.

Here’s everything you need to know about setting up Instagram Live Donations!

Fundraise for Nonprofits & Charities with Instagram Live Donations

Instagram Live Donations: What is it & How Does it Work? 

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Instagram has been working hard to find ways to bring communities together, combat fake news, and now raising much-needed funds.

Today, Instagram released a brand new feature to Instagram Live that will allow you to choose a charity or a nonprofit to donate to.


Now when you host an Instagram Live, you can encourage your followers to donate and lead a conversation on why you care deeply about this issue.

Or if you are a charity on Instagram, it’s a great way to connect with your followers and explain how their donations are being used.

How to Use Instagram Live Donations  

Setting up Live Donations is really simple — just follow the steps below to set started!

  • Tap the camera icon in the top left of your Instagram Feed to open Instagram Stories
  • Swipe all the way right until the Live camera is open
  • Tap Live at the bottom of the screen and select Fundraiser to choose a nonprofit to support
  • That’s it — your Instagram Live will begin with a dedicated box at the bottom of the screen highlighting your charity

Once you begin your Live broadcast, you can see how many people are supporting your fundraiser and the amount of money raised in real-time.

You can also tap View to see a breakdown of your donors and individual contributions, plus you can give a wave to say thank you!

Instagram also announced that 100% of the money raised through the donate function goes directly to the nonprofit — unlike a lot of fundraiser platforms, Instagram is not taking a cut from the donations.

Instagram Live Donations Shared on Instagram Stories

To make Instagram Live Donations even more social, Instagram partnered with Brazilian community illustrator @leonatsume to create a custom “I Donated” sticker.

When you donate to a nonprofit fundraiser on Live or in Stories, you can now get access to the new sticker that you can use on any of your stories, but only for a limited time.

When you use the sticker, your story will be added to a combined Instagram Stories post for your followers to see, to spread more awareness, and hopefully raise even more funds.

This shared Instagram Stories post will appear at the front of the line in your Instagram Stories feed on your Home page — that’s prime real estate to give a shoutout to a good cause.

This new feature, along with Instagram’s latest release of Instagram Live on desktop will make bringing communities together a lot easier.

So it might be time to kick off your first Instagram Live for a good cause!

12 Workable Digital Marketing Solutions by Leaders in the Industry

With the world being in a complete tailspin at the moment due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, everyone finds themselves in uncharted territory. Very few, if any, small businesses, professional practices and solopreneurs had a contingency plan in place.

I mean, let’s be honest here, who woke up on the 1st of January and thought “Hmm, we’ll be in a global pandemic and under lockdown in April. So, I have to put measures in place to protect my business and employees”? No-one I know, not even me.

So, to make things a little easier and try and make coming out of this a little easier, we reached out to some known Marketers and/or companies to see what they suggest you do to make a clean break when this is over a little easier.

Jeremy Rundle, Founder of AV Digital Marketing

Communication is key, now is the time we must open lines of communication. You need to communicate with customers, employees and other shareholders.

Communication must be honest and sincere, keeping in mind that everyone is in the same boat, we are a little unsure and subconsciously taking cues from others about how freaked we really should be. So, keep communication truthful but optimistic, keep in mind though, there is a fine line between optimistic and appearing oblivious to what is happening around us.

Now is not the time to hard sell anything, nor is it a time to launch a new product (unless you are in a “must-have to live” niche). Now is a time “to be there, show you care and build your list”.

There will be a “new normal” once this pandemic is over, and it will be over. We will make it through this and those who embrace the change and make the necessary adjustments will emerge stronger.

In South Africa we have a Zulu word “Ubuntu”, loosely translating to “I am because we are”, no man is an island. Together, using genuine empathy for the situation we are all in, we will make it through this.

We must do is band together and help where we can. Yes, even your competition might welcome your help. We are human first and now is the time for humanity and empathy.

Amanda Powell, Director of Marketing at Digitalmarketer

Here at DigitalMarketer, we suggest you follow simple 3 rules during this difficult time:

1. Acknowledge the reality of the situation. One of the number one rules in marketing is that you need to engage with the conversation, and the reality right now is that everyone is engaged in the same conversation. The best thing to do is to acknowledge the pandemic and COVID-19. No one wants their business to come across as tone-deaf, so simply double-check your messaging, double-check your visuals, and double-check your offers and promotions, which leads to Rule #2.

2. Focus on audience expansion NOT revenue maximization. Unless you’re selling a truly essential product or service (medical equipment, masks, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes) you should be working to expand your reach, not your revenue. Engage with the conversation people are already having and make an appropriate offer. For us, we were fortunate enough to have the ability to open DigitalMarketer Lab for free. By doing this, we generated over 50,000 new accounts. We’re considering that a huge positive. That’s 50,000 people that will now gain value from our product and 50,000 people who have the opportunity to grow as marketers during this pandemic. The idea is that NOW is the time to focus on the top of the funnel and growing your influence as a business.

3. You must believe it is going to be OK. Your team is watching you and so are your customers. Sales and marketing is the transference of confidence, and if you’re not confident, they won’t be either. Yes, things are hard right now, but this WILL end at some point. This could be the moment you’ve been waiting for in terms of going back and focusing on the things that truly matter to your business and honing in on what actually works.

I truly believe that this could be a time that each of us can look back on as a time of growth, of refocus, and of renewed priorities. So, focus on the positives, look at how you can help others, and start thinking creatively to bring positive change for your customers.

Josh Steimle – CEO of Influencer Inc.


In an emergency, you need to communicate quickly to reassure your audience and promote positive, rather than negative, action. These eight messages can work wonders for maintaining calm and leading your audience to the best outcome.

  1. YOU ARE UNDERSTOOD… Your concerns are heard, understood, and valid.
  2. YOU ARE SAFE… Everything is under control, nothing bad will happen to you.
  3. YOU ARE REMEMBERED… You won’t be forgotten, left behind, or kept out of the loop. We’re in this together.
  4. EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT… Despite the uncertainty and challenges, we’ll get through this.
  5. HERE ARE THE FACTS… You can handle the truth so here it is, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  6. HERE’S THE PLAN…There’s hope, now here is what we’re going to do…
  7. GOOD WILL COME FROM THIS… We’ll turn the bad into good and next time we’ll be even better prepared.
  8. YOU ARE LOVED… We care about you.

Note: Only use these messages to the extent you can do so truthfully. For example, don’t tell someone “Everything is under control, nothing bad will happen to you,” if you’re not sure that’s the case. Otherwise, when it’s proven things are not under control you will lose your credibility and these messages will no longer be as powerful when you use them.

How to Use the New Challenge Sticker on Instagram Stories

Social media challenges have been hugely popular in 2020 with everyone from Drake to the cast of Friends jumping on the trend.

But coordinating a social media challenge isn’t always that simple. Do you have to wait for a nomination? Are there other ways to join in? And how do you nominate other users?

The new sticker streamlines all of these steps! Here’s everything you need to know:

How to Use the New Challenge Sticker on Instagram Stories

How to Use Instagram’s New Challenge Sticker

From #FliptheSwitch to #TrickShot and #DontRush, 2020 has been the year of social media challenges — and not just on Instagram! TikTok has also been hugely important in driving the challenges trend.

But the biggest driver has been… well, quarantine life.

As more and more people stay home to flatten the curve, social media challenges have blown up as a way to stave off boredom while having fun with friends and family.

But until now, there hasn’t really been a “standardized” way to give and receive nominations for challenges.

But Instagram’s new challenge sticker could change that!

Now if you see a challenge you want to participate in while scrolling your friends’ stories, you can join instantly by tapping on the sticker.

Doing so will bring you to the Instagram Stories camera where you can record your challenge and then nominate a few friends — it’s as simple as can be.

Here’s how to use the new challenge sticker for Instagram Stories:

Start by opening the stories camera and recording your challenge. Once you’re done recording, open the stickers tray and tap the challenge sticker.

instagram challenge sticker

Next, type in the name of the challenge (you can also browse through Instagram’s challenge database by typing in keywords like “don’t rush”).

instagram challenge sticker

Finally, nominate a few friends by tagging them directly in the story.

instagram challenge sticker

And that’s it! Anyone you tag in your story will be notified by DM and they can either re-share it to their own stories or tap the sticker to attempt the challenge themselves.

Note: If you come across a story with a challenge sticker being used (and you weren’t tagged in the story!), you can tap the sticker to browse through other people’s challenges or you try the challenge yourself.

challenge sticker

Are you a fan of the new challenge sticker for Instagram Stories? Let us know what you think in the comments!

5 Legal Marketing Mistakes that Kill Growth (& How to Avoid Them)

Marketing is the lifeblood of your law firm. Planning, building and executing an effective strategy will be the biggest driver of new traffic, leads, AND cases to your law firm.

In today’s digital landscape there’s no shortage of marketing channels. With so many options, it’s hard to know where to allocate budget for the highest ROI.

While there is no single marketing roadmap for a legal practice, there are specific strategies to leverage and potholes to avoid. And, the latter is the topic of this post.

We’ll highlight 5 marketing mistakes that cost law firms a lot of time and money (and how to avoid them).

1. View Marketing as an Expense vs. Investment

Your marketing budget should never be viewed as an expense. Full stop.

Marketing is an investment in the success and future of your firm. The end goal should be new clients and the creation of a sustainable revenue channel.

Dips in ROI are often met with budget cuts. But, before you pull out the hatch, re-evaluate where and how the firm is spending marketing dollars each month. A reallocation of funds is usually all it takes to grease the wheels and immediately grow the bottom line.

Monitoring channel performance doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. For example, we’re able to pull in all the KPIs from Google Analytics and populate them in a free Google Data Studio template:

This allows our clients to log in and get a real-time view of traffic, lead and conversion performance.

Want to know which channels will give your firm the greatest ROI? Get a free digital needs assessment here.

2. Fail to Watch the Competition

Don’t reinvent the wheel. When it comes to sourcing content topics that resonate with your target audience, leverage the heavy lifting already done by the competition.

Below is an example of how a larger law firm would use Ahrefs’ Content Gap tool to find a term competitors are ranking for, but they are not.

Go to the Site Explorer and enter your domain. Click on the Content Gap link on the left side of the page:

You’ll see a page where you can enter up to 10 different competitors.  Make sure the toggle “at least one of the targets should rank in the top 10” is checked. This will help surface more relevant results:

Knowing what keywords direct competitors are ranking for, that you are not, will highlight critical gaps in your overarching content strategy.


The step above will help you identify new areas where you can be getting more organic traffic. But, you can also use competitor insights to build more profitable PPC campaigns.

Drop a competitor’s domain into SEMrush and you’ll get a list of all the keywords they are bidding on in the AdWords auction, along with the ranking position, monthly search volume and a bunch of other data points:

The ad copy they are using to win the click:

And landing pages used to convert traffic into cases:

These insights will save you time, and help reduce wasted ad budget.

3. Don’t Have a Localized Marketing Strategy

Two-thirds of people looking for an attorney start their search online, and 70% of those people will only engage attorneys listed in the top three local results:

What does this mean for your firm?

If you aren’t showing up on the map, a few things happen:

  • You’ll lose clients to the competition.
  • Leads dry up every time PPC campaigns get paused.
  • Client acquisition costs increase.
  • Profitability suffers.

Bottom line: showing up in the maps is the backbone of your local search presence and critical to generating a consistent stream of qualified case leads each month.

Ranking in the maps is outside the scope of this post, but we will put together a comprehensive 8-step framework for how we land clients at the top of the maps.

4. Neglect Online Reputation

97% of consumers read online local business reviews, and 85% of consumers trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Even if you rank highly for the right keywords, a poor online reputation will derail it all:

The social proof that comes with a high number of quality reviews will differentiate your practice, build trust, and win clicks in the search results.

88% of consumers form an opinion by reading up to ten reviews. Having an automated system in place to request reviews from clients immediately following a positive interaction is essential to building a winning reputation.

Want to build a better online reputation? Find out how Virayo’s proprietary review platform can 5x your positive review count in 60 days here.

5. Fail to Take a “Mobile-First” Approach

On March 26, 2018 Google officially announced crawling, indexing, and ranking systems would no longer be using the desktop version of a website’s content to rank pages.

Sounds complex, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. This image provides a simplified explanation:


If you see a message like this in your Search Console account, mobile-first indexing has already been enabled for your site:

Google states that “mobile-first indexing means the Googlebot will now use the mobile version of your site for indexing and ranking, to better help our (primarily mobile) users find what they’re looking for.”

Mobile searches now outnumber desktop. BrightEdge reports nearly 80% of all keywords, and 47% in the top twenty positions rank differently between mobile and desktop SERPs.

It is more important than ever to have a responsive, fast-loading site that provides a great user experience across all devices.

You can run a basic check now using Google’s free mobile-friendly testing tool here:

# New Leads: A lead is an unqualified prospect that’s starting to show buying behavior. There are different types of leads (MQLs and SQLs).

We’re typically more interested in increasing the volume of SQLs for law firms (i.e. someone who has shown strong buying behavior and has been vetted by marketing and sales for the next sales stage. Think: someone who filled out a form to set up a free case consult)

Cost-Per-Lead – How much money are you paying for each lead. Critical to understanding marketing channel ROI.

Opportunities: A sales opportunity has been qualified, contacted by sales and shown a direct intent to do business with you.

Opportunity-Close-Rate – Leads and opportunities are great, but if none of them close its all for nothing. This metric will give you insight into the overall lead quality and sales pipeline performance.

ROI – Saving the most important for last. The number on the left side of the ratio needs to be higher than the one on the right. If it isn’t, you’re losing money.

Knowing which campaigns are driving the highest ROI will allow you to properly allocate budget to scale the growth of your law firm.

Top 5 mistakes small businesses make when choosing a marketing agency

The modern business environment is complex and challenging. Business promotional concepts like digital marketing and online advertising were once considered a domain for the big players in the business world. However, today, they are equally valid for small businesses and startups. Small business marketing is essential to compete in a thriving market place.
Small businesses need to choose a marketing agency for efficient and cost-effective digital marketing and online advertising. However, they need to be cautious. Incorrect selection can lead to ineffective and cost-prohibitive digital marketing and online advertising. As a small business owner, be wary of these top 5 mistakes that small businesses make when choosing a marketing agency:

1. Lack of research and ill-defined marketing objectives.

This is the most severe mistake on the part of a business owner when looking for a marketing agency. You need to have your homework done beforehand. Even the smartest marketing agency will work around its strategies around your expectations. You need to prepare a clear and concise brief about what you want and what should be your business end state through successful digital marketing and online advertising.

2. Saving money at the cost of quality.

Budget is always an issue with small businesses, and it is smart to save money where they can. However, this can be a grave mistake when it comes to choosing a marketing agency for digital marketing and online advertising. Digital marketing and online advertising are required to bring your sales. A low budget marketing agency most certainly lacks the essential tools, expertise, and outreach for a converting marketing campaign. Most of them never cater for competition research, brand enrichment strategies, design uniqueness, and lead conversion. You spend less with such marketing agencies but gain nothing.

3. Looking for a local marketing agency.

This can be a grave mistake if you are unsure of the quality of the digital marketing service they provide. Just because you have physical access does not mean that it will ensure quality digital marketing for you. It is essential to understand that digital marketing and online advertising by marketing agencies can be effective even if you have only online access to them. Research well before you outsources your digital marketing to any company. Never fall for a local brand when you have a better offshore choice at competitive rates.

4. Don’t fall for claims and promises that are too good to be true.

If some marketing agency promises you fantastic targets at an unbelievable price, then you are in for a scam. There are defined costs of digital marketing and online advertising. A marketing agency can only cut their profit margin by offering low prices to bring in business. Impossible pricing means usage of black hat tactics or fake marketing success statistics. Your business will never go far with these tactics.

5. Overlooking experience, rapport, and customer feedback.

It is not unusual for small businesses to be impressed by flashy presentations. However, such impressive displays are not a substitute for effective digital marketing. So, how to check the validity?
Every marketing agency has an online presence. You can always find online references and customer reviews on their past performance. Choosing a marketing agency without a proven track record and positive customer reviews is a mistake that could cost you more than you think.