Hello! Nice to meet you

Who we are

AV Digital is a three-year-old marketing agency, with its head office in Dover, DE and an office in Durban, South Africa.

We are a team of passionate marketers with a specific focus on SMME’s and Professional Practices. We are certified by one of the world’s largest and leading marketing training and certification companies, DigitalMarketer. We have worked with some of the world’s most innovative start-ups, delivered marketing strategy seminars and spoken at events.

Our system, The AV Marketing Roadmap, is a 5 step model based on psychology, science and experience that perpetually turns cold contacts into leads, sales and active brand advocates, 24/7. It is the same model that generated $62,000 of sales in just four weeks for one client, 223 app trials in only 2 weeks for another.

And it can do the same for you.

Our Core Beliefs

Our core values are central to the work we do


Our strategies, project management, experience and training is available to all clients.

Continued Education

We take our own education very seriously and have structured training and a pretty decent marketing bookshelf!

Data-Based Decision

Great ideas are nothing without data to show their impact, that’s why we have real-time reporting dashboards for all clients


Great marketing, or anything in life for that matter, should never rely on false statistics for lead generation. That’s why ours doesn’t.

Celebrate Success

At AV Digital, we believe in celebrating successes, no matter how small it might seem.

Client Centered

Whilst we are able to get products in front of customers, we understand that it is our clients who are changing lives.